African Bank Credit Cards

african bank credit cards

African Bank Credit Cards  – The lack of cash should never stand in your way of achieving your dreams. African Bank Credit Cards aim to make everything you want accessible to you by helping you get what you may want today and pay in the future. African Bank offers 3 different products namely the Gold Visa Credit Card and Silver Visa Credit Card.

Types of African Bank Credit Cards

Gold Visa Credit Card – these types of African Bank Credit Card offers you the freedom to live the life that you want to. Benefits includes having worldwide acceptance wherever there is the Visa Logo and 24 hour convenience, FREE till-point purchases wherever you shop in South Africa, 1st 2 FREE ATM money withdrawals, SMS notification service, Balance enquiries and airtime purchases using Cellphone Services.

Silver Visa Credit Card – these types of African Bank Credit Cards meets the demands of success and living in the fast lane where the normal credit card wouldn’t meet. It also enjoys the benefits listed above for the Gold Visa Credit Card. With this card you will get free transactions and free first four withdrawals from ATMs, worldwide acceptance wherever you see the Visa Logo. They also add security as there is no need of carrying cash around especially when travelling.

Requirements to apply for African Bank Credit Cards?

For you to apply and qualify for African Bank Credit Cards you will need to be above the legal of 18 years, must possess a South African ID, must provide your recent pay slip and 3 months bank statements. Your proof of residence not older than 3 months is also required.  Apply now for these cards you can visit your nearest African Bank branch and apply in-store. You can also apply for it online on and you can have it within 60 days.