Maravedi Loans

maravedi loans

Maravedi Financial Services is a micro lending company that offers Maravedi Loans ranging from R1 000 to R25 000 with no collateral that you can use if you are looking quick access to cash. Their personal loans have helped thousands of South Africans who were looking for short-term loans, and are so convenient and affordable that it might be a worthwhile to have a look at them. Maravedi’s  loan repayment terms are flexible and their interest rates are very competitive and can help you pay for things like medical or education bills, car repairs or sort out some home renovations and so on. Continue reading

Aprofin Loans

aprofin loans

Aprofin Loans – looking for a micro lending institution that can give you access to credit of up to R10 000* in a short-period of time? Aprofin is the ideal credit provider that you are looking for, for they offer personal loans to individuals and business with favourable terms and have professional consultants who will gladly assist you in the application process. Aprofin is a South African micro credit provider that specialises in providing tailor made credit solutions to South Africans of all walks of life, and also cater for individuals who are blacklisted as well. Continue reading

finance 27 loans

Finance 27 Loans

Finance 27 Loans – looking for instant cash loans that gives you up to R3 000 to help you through the month? Finance 27 is a micro finance institution that might have the right credit solution for you. Finance 27 offers instant cash loans ranging from as little as R500 to as much as R3 000 which you can use to pay for your expenses such as medical fees, school fees and so on. For existing customers there is a renewal option which you can use to get additional credit when you need it. Continue reading

Circle Finance Loans

circle finance loans

Circle Finance Loans – Are you looking for some financial relief to help you get through the month or attend to a need that needs extra money? There are reliable credit providers such as Circle Finance that will help you with that much needed boost in your finances. Circle Finance Loans will go a long way in helping you cover your expenses. Continue reading

Credicor Loans

credicor loans

Credicor Loans – Sometimes you need a little boost in your finances and going to the bank to apply for a loan might be a hustle. This is why micro finance companies are there to help you with that much needed little loan to solve your money problems. Credicor is one such reliable micro finance service provider in South Africa that offers quick short term loans. Credicor Loans are affordable and are offered for up to as much as R6 000. These are generally short term to medium term loans, if you wish to take out another loan you can do so once you have fully aid up the previous loan. Continue reading

Moneystar Loans

moneystar loans

Moneystar Loans – Moneystar in one of the growing financial houses in South Africa offering finance for everyday life from loans, insurance to cellular services. If you need a quick loan to help you through the money, pay school fees for your child, buy a new piece of furniture, anything, Moneystar Loans will help you achieve your goals. Moneystar loans are available up to R15 000 with favourable repayments terms. Continue reading

Mr Finance Loans

mr finance loans

Mr Finance Loans – No matter our circumstances there comes a point in life where you need extra finance to help you achieve a certain goal or solve a problem. Whether you are a business, an individual or you have been blacklisted, there is someone out there who is there to listen and help you with the finance you need. Mr Finance is one such credit provider that provides financial solutions to individuals and businesses alike. Mr Finance Loans come in various options, so if you need money to cover some expenses, buy a new car or even some capital for your business they will gladly assist you. Continue reading

Showtime Finance Personal Loans

showtime finance personal loans

Showtime Finance Personal Loans – For many households our monthly income is just enough to take care of the month on month bills and expenses. But what does one do when faced with those unexpected emergencies that need extra cash such as medical bills, car repairs child’s school trip and so forth. Getting credit to meet these expenses becomes necessary. With help from micro lending institutions such as Showtime Finance getting access to the right loan you need has become simpler. Continue reading

Ooba Loans

ooba loans

Ooba Loans – Do you wish to consolidate your loans or just need a personal loan to take care of some expenses? Ooba is there for you to provide you with the necessary finance you need to meet your goals. Ooba Loans are offered in association with Direct Axis and are available up to R150 00 in personal loans. Apart from personal Loans Ooba also provides Home Loans and Insurance. Ooba financial services are easily accessible and their Ooba experts are available nationwide in South Africa. Continue reading

Cash is King Loans

cash is king loansCash is King Loans – Cash is King is a registered financial services provider that is a part of Money Group South Africa. Cash is King Loans are offered mainly on a Asset- based lending platform. This means you offer your fully paid up asset as security for a loan of equivalent value. No queues, no credit checks and no application forms needed. This type of credit offer goes a long way in assisting many individuals in South Africa in need of finance no matter their situation. So whether you are unemployed, a foreigner, you are blacklisted or have poor credit ratings you qualify for Cash is King Loans. Continue reading